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EV Logistique is a logistical solution provided by the Evolutrans group.

EV LOGISTIQUE allows you to store between 1 and 2,000 pallets offsite, close to your clients or to enjoy local storage in addition to your own, either on an occasional or long-term basis.

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Our commitments

  • A simple storage solution which can handle between 1 and 2,000 pallets per site
  • Real-time management and visibility of your stocks (WMS)
  • Maximum responsiveness in terms of delivering to your clients or supplying your premises within a guaranteed time scale, according to distance
  • A national network which allows you to have stocks which are closer to your clients or production sites
  • Recognised professionalism across all our services
  • Signature of a charter of good practice and shared values by all our members, guaranteeing you maximum quality
ECONOMIC advantages

Maximising the quantities delivered through very flexible storage solutions

Stock which is available close to your centres of interest

TECHNICAL advantages

Can handle between 1 and 2,000 pallets

Simple, appropriate processes to ensure maximum responsiveness and flexibility

National coverage (420,000m²)

Upstream and downstream transport for a turnkey service


Optimises and reduces the number of lorries over the last few kilometres through our regional networks

Reduces your carbon footprint

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Key figures

  • 57 logistical sites across the country
  • 420,000 m² of total logistical surface area
  • 5,500 vehicles

The equivalent of 60 football pitches to store your pallets!


Less quantity and volume to transport?

VOLUPAL: An optimal transport solution Evolutrans

More palettes? Bulky? Lengthy? Fragile?

VOLULOTS: Evolutrans a flexible transport solution

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The consortium


SAS Évolutrans - Volupal - Volulots - EV Logistique

Techniparc Chesnes-Ouest - 12 rue de Madrid - Bât A1

38070 St Quentin Fallavier

Tel : 04 74 94 55 55

Tel Volupal : 04 74 82 48 38

Tel Volulots : 06 78 58 82 97

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